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Retrofitting has come to prominence in recent years as part of the drive to make buildings more thermal efficient, sustainable and redesign. This can help cut carbon emissions, make it cheaper and easier to run buildings, and contribute to overcoming poor ventilation and damp problems. This also has health benefit to the occupants.

Majority of properties in large cities like London were built decades ago. These buildings were suitable for that era. Retrofit means providing a feature which was not there originally. The drive for greener environment is important and hence certain basic changes are very helpful, examples of which are as follows:

  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Installation of double or triple glazed windows
  • Draft Proofing doors
  • Installation of High Efficiency Boilers
  • Air conditioning and Chiller Plants
  • Renewable Energy and Water Conservation
  • Solar Panels

We at MAH Services London can advise and carry out all the works so that the property meets Green Efficiency requirements.