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We are specialist in construction of Basement and have worked in central London areas such as Fulham, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Putney and Wandsworth. Our services cover construction of new basements, it’s design, conversion of existing basements.

Basements are generally cold and damp area. Therefore a properly built tanking and waterproofing is very important. We ensure that the basements is well constructed and that our work is covered by Insurance backed guarantee. The company also undertakes piling work for basement contractors in London area.

Basement or Cellar is a space below the ground and commonly used as utility space for a building, housing boilers, air conditioning system, car park etc. In cities like London, the basements provide additional living space which enhances the value of the property if fitted to a high standard. Utilise the extra space in many ways. Examples are home cinema, playroom, study/office or simply extra living room or bedroom.